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Carry out the "history review, insist on not pride, and not disappoint" activities
Author:Haiqiang Time:2012/8/23 Hits:3344
Carry out the "history review, insist on not pride, and not disappoint" activities company in August 1996 by the national ministry of science and technology identified as the key high-tech enterprise ", in March 2007 to the national key high-tech enterprise review certificate. Company is the third phase project of Shanghai baosteel supporting products through many years of continuous operation, safe and reliable, Shanghai baosteel in the third period project headquarters rating for the baosteel 3 period engineering equipment manufacturing quality superior unit ". In November 2000, zhejiang province economic and trade commission identified as provincial enterprise technology center. Has won the "China outstanding private enterprise", "national quality & benefit advanced enterprise", "zhejiang technical progress outstanding enterprise", "zhejiang civilization unit" and so on a number of honorary titles, 2004 was rated as China's machinery industry management progress demonstration enterprise. In November 1996, the Chinese people's political consultative conference, the former state ministry of machine building minister comrade HeGuangYuan to huatong, the company product quality give affirmation; In 1997, zhejiang province vice governor LuSongTing comrades inspection huatong, the company is not ordinary business development inductive praised; In 1998, former state minister of power, the history of big frame comrades inspection huatong, inscription encourage "to innovation, striving for the international level of domestic equipment." ;In September 2001, the state ministry of science and technology the torch high technology industry development center assistant chief engineer HuShiHui leaders and zhejiang, ningbo leaders and experts visit huatong to high-tech products and modern production equipment to be praised. Take the market as the guidance, the science and technology as the power, strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by famous brand "of the enterprise policy of the end of August 2007, the company for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for badminton and rhythmic gymnastics competition of Beijing university of technology gymnasium provides" ning-tong "brand high KYN28-12 16 table; low ark MNS 27 table, chaoyang district, Beijing Olympic project coordination group by the full affirmation. In November 1982, assets of half between workshop, 2000 yuan of funds, seven employees, and the vice

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