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How to Use a Laminating Machine

There are different kinds of laminators with different features but they all work based on the same principle. Once you get the hang of using a pouch laminator or roll laminator, you will realize how easy they are to use after all.
Using a Pouch Laminator
Pouch laminators are relatively inexpensive and they are designed for moderate use at home or in the office. Turn on the machine and wait for it to warm up. This can take a few minutes. Choose the right heat setting. If using thick pouches, use a higher setting. The machine has an indicator light that will come on when the laminating machine has heated up.
Choose the right size laminating pouch for the item to be laminated. Insert the item between the flaps of the pouch, taking care to allow a border on every side. With the closed edge going in first, insert the lamination pouch in the machine. The closed edge must be inserted first to prevent air bubbles from being trapped in the lamination.
Some laminating machines use a carrier to hold the pouch as it runs through the machine. Hot glue can leak from the sides of the pouches during lamination, and it could gum up the rollers. The carrier keeps the rollers from getting sticky. Some new laminating machines claim that they can be used without a carrier, but using a carrier will extend the laminator's lifespan.
The laminated document goes out of the back of the machine. If it is not even, you may need a lower heat setting. If it is not properly sealed, you need a higher setting. Allow the laminated item to cool and switch off the machine.

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