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HQT-1280 injection molding machine

Our HQT 7 serie 128 T plastic injection molding machine, adapted with servomotor energy saving system in stock of our factory,  this videos shows the full details of machine from clamping unit, injection unit until PLC gabinet. 

Real machine photos:

Servo motor pump

——Low Oil Temperature: Servo motor only works when necessary, decreases system oil temperature and saves cooling water consumption effectively.
——High Energy efficiency: In condition of ideal working state, power consumption is 20%-80% less than that of traditional fixed pump, saving the energy effectively.
——Fast Response:  With stable performance, servo motor control system is equipped with precise pressure feedback device, improving motion response and production efficiency.
——Low Noise:  Different from traditional fixed pump system, servo machine is only works when necessary, offering you a quieter working place with less noise.





Variable pump machine

1、 Energy Saving: In the ideal working state, power consumption is 30%-60% less than that of ordinary fixed pump, saving the energy effectively.
2、 Oil Saving: Provided with imported high quality oil filter, longer life of hydraulic oil.
3、 Water Saving: Without overflow heating, low oil temperature saves cooling water and prolongs the service life of sealing parts.


Item UNIT HQT1280
Screw Diameter mm 36 40 45
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22.2 21 18
Shot Volume(Theoretical) cm3 184 227 288
Injection Weight(PS) g 168 207 262
Plasticizing Capacity(PS) g/s 10.6 13.0 16.0
Injection Rate g/s 86 106 134
Injection Pressure Mpa 222 180 142
Screw Speed r/min 187 187 187
Clamp Tonnage KN 1280
Toggle Stroke mm 350
Space Between Tie Bars mm 410×410
Max.Mould Height mm 430
Min.Mould Height mm 150
Ejector Stroke mm 120
Ejector Tonnage KN 38
Ejector Number pc 5
System Pressure Mpa 16
Pump Motor Power KW 13
Heater Power KW 9.3
Machine Dimension(L×W×H) m 4.29×1.42×1.84
Oil Tank Capacity L 240
Machine Weight T 4.2

Control System
1.New generation of CPU, with high precision, stability and intelligence;
2.Automatic fault diagnosis and alarm system
3.PID control and display of barrel temperature
4.Multi-stage control of ejection and core pulling
5.Production data storage and printing outlet function;
6.Injection speed and pressure display
7.High oil temperature protection and automatic power breakoff
8.EUROMAP  robot interface
9.Remote control and network monitor function Big LCD colar screen, Program multi-language support High-speed, precise electronic sensor NOVO imported from Germany,  makes the position control accurate.



Hydraulic System
1.World famous brands of hydraulic pump and valve, make movement of machine accurate , reliable and saving energy.
2.Imported sealing parts is more durable, and of better elasticity. 
3.Simples and clear oil pipe allocation, reduces energy lost and easy for maintenance.
4.Unique hydraulic circuit design with larger heat dissipation surface and low noise, reduces cooling water consumption and prolongs service life of sealing elements.



Injection System
1.Parallel Double-cylinder injection system ensures steady injection motion,  avoids barrel distortion and leakage from unbalanced force; Thus, it extends life of screw and barrel, improves plasticizing effect. 
2.Multi-stage injection speed and pressure control are suitable for different complexed thermoplastic molding process;
3.For every machine model, 3 or 4 nitrided  bimetal screw & barrel of various diameters and special design are provided, to satisfy requirement of different material and product.
4.Integral design of injection unit has advantages of compact structure , light weight, good rigidity and reliability.
5.Differential injection process with accelerating rod, reduces resistance force and makes injection smooth and fast.



Clamping System
1.Five point double toggle clamping unit, linkage structure of connecting rod guarantee high rigidity and accuracy of mechanic system. 
2.Reinforced platens with T slot, larger open stroke and mold space, make mould installation easier. 
3.Multi-stage clamping pressure & speed control, and Fast mold closing devices
4.Multi-stage and function ejection control and air blast fittings


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